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Meet the Team
Hoi Van Do

Dr. Hoi Van Do, MD (Dr. Henry)
Medical Director / Aesthetic

  • American Medical Association
  • International Society of CosmetoGynecology
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (Affiliate)
  • ACLS Certified
Licensed in: Liposuction, Dermal Fillers, Treatment of minor skin irregularities by high frequency and cryosurgery; Laser treatment of skin, Cynosure, Inc, Orlando FL; Esthetic Medicine; Internal Medicine: Cantho General Hospital, Vietnam; Critical Care Medicine, Saigon General Hospital, Vietnam.

Experience with: Skin Laser (Laser Facial, Hair Removal, Pigment Removal, Vascular Removal); Treatment of Minor Skin Irregularities with Laser, High Frequency, Cryosurgery, Minor Surgery; Family Practice, Primary Care, Orlando, FL.

Nicole Medina
Office Manager

Patricia Yildirim

Patricia Yildirim
Physician Assistant
Master in Physician Assistant
Certified in Fraxel, C6 Laser and Weight Loss

Beatriz Alvarez
Currently studying to become RN at HCC. Aspring to help as many people as possible.

William Howley

William Howley
Web Designer
University of Massachusett's Alumni 07.
I am happy to be a part of the Weight and Body team, it's like we are a big family.
"Strength in Discipline"